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Functionnal Ecology Conference

Functional Ecology Conference 2018

April 23-26, 2018 Nancy, France

Find below the tentative schedule of the international conference!

The Functional Ecology Conference will present the lastest research on how organisms acquire and then make use of resources in metabolism, movement, growth, reproduction, as well as on how ecosystems cycle, store or lose resources through biotic an abiotic processes. The impacts of climate and anthropogenic changes on these processes will also be at the heart of the confercence.

1- Species interactions and ecosystem functions

Monday 23 April, afternoon

2- Adaptation of ecosystems to climate change

Tuesday 24 April, morning

3- Soil functions along a gradient of anthropisation

Tuesday 24 April, afternoon

4- Microbial biodiversity and functional consequences

Tuesday 24 April, afternoon

5- Contribution of functional ecology to forest management

Wednesday 25 April, morning

6- AnaEE session - challenges and opportunities of long-term ecosystem experiments in forests

Wednesday 25 April, morning

7- Open session

Wednesday 25 April, afternoon

8- Workshop AnaEE-France

Thursday 26 April,